Our Story

Skiskates originated in the heart of Europe, the Czech republic, where they were developed by two friends Zbynek and Michael in 2019. As both friends have been passionate about ice hockey since they were little, they had the brainchild of creating a new winter sport to combine both skiing and skating. They named it - skiskating.

The Perfect Product

The founders spent countless days and nights of product development, as they were devoted to bringing a truly perfect skates for snow, which could be easily attached to ski boots. In addition, they wanted to create skis that fit into a backpack so they could take them anywhere. Without realizing it, they might have very likely created the world’s shortest skis and who knows, the sport might even make it to the Olympic games one day.

Our Team

Skiskates founder Zbynek Suba, Europe, Czechia

Founder, R&D & Marketing

Skiskates founder Michael Podesva, Europe, Czechia

Founder, B2B & R&D

Skiskates manager director Vendula Vasutova, Europe, Czechia

PR & HR & Administration

Made in Europe

Skiskates are mostly made locally in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of manufacturing one of the best skis in the world.

We are a small company of friends and family from a small town having a global ambition of creating the next big winter sport.

Our Mission

1. Make skiskating the next big thing among winter sports.

2. Always reinvest at least 90% of our profits back into the market.

3.  Find a balance between success and happiness.

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