One size fits all, so don’t worry.

However, we recommend Skiskates for Snowboard boots of size: 5-14.5 US / 37-49 EU.

Ski boots model is also one size fits all. Size range: 36-49 EU / 4.5-14.5 US / 22,5-32,5 MP.

Adjustable bindings let you attach Skiskates to any Snowboard boot or Ski boot, depending on model of Skiskates you choose.

If you want to use Skiskates with small size Snowboard boots, select a different hole on the strap and adjust the bindings using a your hand. If you use large Snowboard boots, you can do the same so bindings perfectly fits to your size.

It is necessary to set the Ski boot version using adjustable bindings so it fits exactly on your ski boots. You can do this with your hands or ski pole. Watch our instructional video, or ask for help at your local ski rental.

To avoid hassle on the slopes, take your time and adjust the bindings at the comfort of your home, using your hands and a boot you are going to wear with Skiskates.

Use any ski boots or snowboard boots depending on model of Skiskates you choose. We recommend waterproof quality boots that fix your ankle firmly.

Not really, it is actually pretty easy. It is as hard as learning to ski or skate.

In fact, many people find it easier. However it takes some time and you will definitely fall now and then, but that’s part of the fun. Have you ever seen people ice-skating for the first time? That’s what I’m talking about. You have to keep the front-back balance, so it feels very natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or even use inline skates. You are able to move freely as opposed to wearing heavy clunky skis. Falling is generally much safer than falling with skis or snowboard. Most importantly don't forget that learning is effortless if you enjoy the ride.

You can stop the same way that you stop with your skis or skates. This is also called a hockey stop.

Because of their size and weight, it might not be as easy to stop with Skiskates as it is with regular skis. However, it's not really difficult either. Make sure you distribute your weight evenly over both of your Skiskates to make you stop easier and slower. Additionally, you can also slow down using a heel brake.

Use them for downhill on ski slopes, in snowparks, on hiking trails, or just have fun on your local sledding hill.

Skiskates are best on groomed snow. Avoid extremely steep slopes and deep powder. Because Skiskates are so small, they let you access areas like narrow hiking trails, that you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. And because they fit into a backpack, you can take them pretty much anywhere.

Most of the ski resorts allow this kind of “short skis” on their slopes, but not all of them.
Our experience is that if you act as if you were skiing with your traditional skis, no one will bother you. And if that happens anyway, argue that Skiskates are safe and the base of Skiskates is made of the exact same metal ski edges as all the other skis, which is the most common requirement of ski resorts. And don’t forget the great thing about Skiskates is that you can always use them in so many other places, like hiking trails and sledding hills.

The best place on Earth to buy Skiskates is this website :) The shipping is relatively affordable and fast. We ship literally anywhere with the exception of PO BOXES. Or you can order them directly from us on Amazon. 

Shipping is relatively affordable and fast. The price depends on the country you are from and usually it’s around $9. The shipping time is usually around 4 business days, but it could be up to 8 business days. We always try to deliver your package as fast as possible. Just go to the checkout, fill out your shipping address and you’ll see the shipping information.

Skiskates are best on groomed snow. You can use Skiskates on powder that is not thicker than +/- 20 cm (8 in). They are great on ski slopes, snow parks, sliding hills, or hiking trails, just not in deep powder. By the way, most skis are not suited for deep powder snow either. Additionally, try to avoid extremely steep slopes and ungroomed terrain full of bumps and holes.

Of course, we recommend waxing the base regularly to make Skiskates even faster and prevent snow from sticking to the base. While you are on a ski trip, wax the base every day.

We give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee because we believe in our product. Make sure that the product is unused and in the original state.

Sure, you have our permission to use all of our content to create articles or videos about Skiskates as long as it’s not harming us in any way. Just make sure to add a link to our website so that your audience can learn more about Skiskates and buy them if they want to from the official manufacturer. Feel free to contact us for an interview, more information or content.

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