Snowfeet* Skiblades | 65 CM | Skiboards Snowblades Short Mini Skis

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Color: BLACK

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Sarah Finch
I found my unicorn!

As a lifetime skier I have always loved the sport but STRUGGLED with the boots! I have giant calves and despite ordering custom boots I still struggled to be comfortable enough to want to continue the sport. I always joked that if I could just do snowboard boots with skis I’d be set. Then I found SnowFeet!!! I have done more skiing this year than any other year in my adult life! Including some time in Utah. What a life changer for me.

Rene Paolo Cabral
I love my snowfeet skiboards!

Got ACL injury two yeas ago using skis and i thought that’s it for me. Took my chances buying the snowfeet skiboards and i love it! I love rollerblading when i was younger and it felt like the same thing in snow when i got to try these! Now i am excited to visit snow resorts again here in california!

Brandon S.
My Skiboards were a Blast!!

I have been looking for a ski option was that nimble, light, easy to transport and travel with; the 65cm Skiboards are PERFECT!!

I had a blast with these ski's, so much fun! I was also able to pack them in a duffle bag with my snowboard boots and check them like regular luggage. Excited for my next trip to the mountain!

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