Honest Reviews by Real Customers | First Time Trial Skiskating Experience

Honest Reviews by Real Customers | First Time Trial Skiskating Experience

Still deciding whether to try Skiskates? It would be surely helpful to know what is it like before actually buying something. 

Well, you are in the right place, as we are bringing you the first hand experience from our skiskaters so that you can be sure we're not sugarcoating anything. These honest reviews shall give you an idea about what real people think about Snowfeet, which hopefully makes your decision easier.

Maybe you are wondering whether it is difficult to actually ride these short skis and whether you need some special skills to enjoy the ride. Well, there is no better way to find out but to try it for yourself. But before you do that, the opinions of a little more experienced skiers might come handy.

Skiskates short skis mini skis by Snowfeet Maddie has shared with us her thoughts and experience about Snowfeet:  

"Love these! I finally had a chance to try them out today! They work really great on groomed snow not so great on crunchy or deep snow! I only used them on a flat surface, I am trying them out later on hills! Very excited for these as i am a rollerblader ;) i will have to post some videos soon!"

Skiskates mini skis by Snowfeet

What do the ski rookies says about Skiskates? 

We asked Marissa what were her beginnings with Skiskates:  

Skiskates review

"Love love love! Ski skates are the best. I tried skiing a few times with no luck ( I was a late bloomer to skiing). I did relieve when trying to ski I would get frustrated from not being able to pick up from my feet. When I ran across ski skates I thought they would work better for me since I have been an avid roller/ice skater since child hood. I took them out and had the most fun ever on the mountain. Best purchase ever. Can’t wait till next season to take hit the slopes."

What to buy? Snowfeet or Skiskates? 

If you want to try skiskating, you have two options as for what to buy: Snowfeet or Skiskates. Have a glanc at our video to help you decide which one would suit you the best! 

Quality first! 

Carries' experiece says it all:

"High quality, fun alternative to skiing. 
We were looking for a way to get my husband out on the slopes with us when I stumbled upon these. He’d had too many bad experiences with skiing so we figured these would be a good fit. They were easy to adjust to his climbing boots and I’ll be able to try them with my ski boots too. They’re high quality and easy to just grab and go. We’re looking forward to getting more use out of them next winter!"

 What do you think about Skiskates? Have you tried them yet? Let us know! 



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