Skiskates | Skiboards | Snowblades | Skiblades | Short Skis - Is There Any Difference?

Skiskates | Skiboards | Snowblades |  Skiblades | Short Skis - Is There Any Difference?

When it comes to short skis, the amount of names and terms can be overwhelming. Let's make clear what name stands for what type of skis. 

Is there any difference between skiskates, snowblades, skiboards and short skis? 

Skiskates, snowblades, skiboards and skiblades differ from one another, but essentially, they are all types of short skis.   
Short skis by Snowfeet: skiboards skiblades snowblades skiskates mini skis

What are skiskates?  

Skiskates are short skis which alllow you to ski on snow. They are 44 cm long, made from similar materials as skis. They allow you to experience new ways of movement on the snow, similar to skating. 

 Are Skiskates good for beginners? Are Skiskates easy? 

Skiskates are very easily for both roller-bladers and hockey players. For a regular beginner, they can be a little challenging, since they are quite short and they don't provide too wide base.
Skiskates by Snowfeet skiskating mini skis
The process of learning skiskating is very fast and you will have fun from the very beginning. 

Are Skiskates Good for Downhill Skiing Only? 

Skiskates allow all kinds of movements on the snow and you don't have to be limited by going downhill only. You can use them to ski, of course, but also to skate on the snow. Do you want to ski, enjoy some jumps on the way, ride through bumps, and skate on snow right to your doorstep? Grab these and you are free to show your skills.
Skiskates by Snowfeet

What is snowblade? 

Snowblade is a type of short ski that has a length ranging from 70cm to 100cm. Snowblades are also known as skiboards or skiblades and are much shorter than traditional skis, making them easier to control and maneuver. These skis are typically wider and have more pronounced sidecuts, making them ideal for carving and quick turns.  
Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet short skis

When was the Skiboarding Sport Invented?

It might be surprising but the Skiboarding sport is not the fashion of past 30 years. In fact, it was developed way earlier, in the 1940's, when the mountaineers tried to make their ways across the mountains easier in winter and used short ski named Firn Gliders. After long 30 years, the skiboards were noticed by first ski producers, who spotted a chance to use the potential of these short ski to bring much more fun to the slopes. 

As the amount of skiboards at the market increased, more and more skiers were tempted to try them out and find out what is so special about them. But don't be mistaken, even if they make the impression that they are made for free riders or professional skiers, that is a far cry from what they really have to offer.

What is the history of skiboards? 

It was in the mid-1970's, when the Kneissl with Big Foot pioneered in the short ski production. Bringing not only the game-changing idea of making the skis shorter to provide an easier ride on the snow, but also an iconic design for the left and right foot separately with printed toes. 

Big Foot by Kneissel
Since 1997, other producers have recognized the potential of these fun skis and entered the market with another innovative versions of snowblades using different kinds of bindings, materials and construction. 

The highlights in skiboarding history were the Mikroski created by Kent Keiswieller who redesigned the snowboard construction, Klimax with their short boards performing exceptionally in carving turns at their time, or later Head introducing the release bindings for the first time.

As the time went by, many manufacturers have joined with their efforts to make their own versions of short ski using different materials for the boards and for the bindings as well. However, in many cases the quality and performance of these short skis was not on a high level, which discouraged a lot of skiers and casted a shadow over the entire sport.  

Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet short skis

Nowadays, there are still skiboards and snowblades being produced to choose from, and they will always find their fans across the slopes who are willing to go beyond the regular and enjoy the freedom and fun that these short skis provide.  

Are Skiboards Suitable for Beginners?

Skiboards bring benefits to skiers of all levels, not only beginners.

Skiboarding comes almost natural to all beginners. Snowblades are very light and short, therefore easy to control. Plus, they have a slightly wider shape than regular skis and therefore they provide more stability. Skiblades can also be used as a preparation stage before moving on to regular ski. However, once you start with them, you won't go back. Skiboards are super easy and super fun. 
Skiblades snowblades skiboards by Snowfeet short skis
Intermediates may feel a huge improvement in their skiing abilities when they use their short ski to be more confident with their moves. If you are looking for skis that will help you learn some tricks or improve your current skiing, snowblades are the way.

Are skiboards easier than skis?

Yes, skiboards are considered easier to use than traditional skis. Their shorter length and wider shape make them easier to turn and maneuver, and they require less effort to control. This makes them a great option for beginners who are still learning the basics of skiing. They are also popular among experienced skiers who enjoy the added playfulness and versatility that skiboards provide.

Skiblades snowblades skiboards by Snowfeet short skis

What is your favourite among short skis? Do you prefer skiboards or skiskates? 
Let us know! 

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