Skiskates - All You Need to Know

Skiskates - All You Need to Know

Skiskates - they are not skis, they are not skates - they are the best of both. In this article, you will find all you need to know to fall in love with these shortest skis. 

What are skiskates? 

Skiskates are short skis which alllow you to ski on snow. 

With a body consisting of cap construction and wood core, skiskates are pretty similar to the traditional skis you know, but with some extra advantages.  


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They are very short - only 44 cm - which allows you to enjoy your ride to the fullest. They work the best on the groomed ski slope, so you can take them up the hill as the main skis or as your backup into your backpack. 

Plus, they come in two versions: with binding for ski boots and snowboard boots. So if you are not a fan of uncomfortable ski boots, you can still enjoy skiskating. 

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How do you use mini skiskates? 

Skiskating is similar to ice hockey or rollerblading, so it comes pretty natural to all hockey player or rollerbladers. 

Basic tips on how to skiskate

  1. keep the front-back balance by placing your weight over the middle of your feet or over your heels 
  2. keep your legs flexible, at about shoulder width, slightly bend your knees and lean the upper part of your body forward.
  3. place one foot in front of the other if it helps you increase your stability. 
  4. stopping is pretty easy, it’s similar to stopping with skis or skates.
Watch our video to get grasp of the basics:  

    Are ski skates good for beginners?

    Skiskates can be a bit challenging because they are very short and therefore more difficult to maintain balance, but it helps to know how to skate. The learning process is fast, though. 

    Skiskates are easy for rollerbladers or hockey players since they already know their way through the ice and snow. For the rest of the beginners, skiskates can be a bit challenging, since they do not provide a long and firm base and they require a different style of moving. 

    However, the learning process is super fun and fast, so you will enjoy your whole journey with skiskates. 

    What is the difference between Snowfeet and ski skates?

    The main difference is the construction and the optimal footwear. Whereas skiskates are made out of similar materials as skis, Snowfeet* are made out of highly durable fiberglass reinforced material. any winter boots or eventually snowboard boots. 
    For Snowfeet*, you can wear your regular winter boots, or snowboard boots, whereas for skiskates, go for ski boots or snowboard boots. 

    Are ski skates allowed?

    Yes, they are allowed. You can take them as your main skis, or as a back up into your backpack and enjoy your ride! 

    Skiskates for ski boots are equipped with non-release ski bindings with the compulsory safety leashes therefore you can take them to any slope you wish. 

    Skiskates price

    Skiskates with ski boots binding cost 340 USD, skiskates with snowboard boots binding cost 380 USD. But check out for special offers and discounts!

    A lot has been already said, the choice is now yours. Will you join the next big winter sport? Ride into the new season on your new skiskates and see for yourself how great they really are!

    See you on the slopes!

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