How Hard It Is to Learn Skiskating?

How Hard It Is to Learn Skiskating?

Are you tempted by the idea of buying your first skiskates, but at the same time are you afraid that you will find it difficult to learn how to skiskate? In this article, we will show you how to master skiskating and we will dispel your fears. 

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Is it hard to learn skiskating? 

It is very easy for hockey players, ice-skaters, and roller-bladers, since it is very similar to skating.

All new sports are a bit challenging from the star but skiskating learning process is very fast and you will enjoy it from the start. 

How to skiskate? 

There are a few tricks to truly master skiskating. Let's have a look at the basics. 

1) Keep the front-back balance. To maintain balance, don't spread your legs too wide, but keep them at about shoulder width. During the ride, you can place one foot in front of the other to increase stability. 

2) Always keep your legs flexible. Bend your knees to help you achieve it. When losing balance, lean the upper part of your body forward and spread your arms.  Try to keep your center of gravity low, especially when going downhill. 

 3) Don't place your weight over your toes like you do when skiing, but rather distribute your weight over the middle or back of your feet to prevent falling. When sliding on ungroomed terrain, bring your weight on your heels and lift your toes to avoid falling. When skiing backward, do the opposite and place your weight over your toes. 

4) To start your ride is to skate like a hockey player. Push your legs sideways. Remember - Do not put your weight over your toes while skating, otherwise, you might catch the tips in the snow and fall. 

5) To stop, use the so-called hockey stop, as well as you do with your skis or skates. Just make sure to distribute your weight equally over both feet to stop smoothly and slowly.  

If you just need to slow down, use the heel brake.

6) Turning is similar to turning with skis. Tilt your skiskates to their edges and move your body and legs in the direction where you want to go. Actually many people find turning with Snowfeet* or Skiskates easier than turning with those long clunky skis.

Where to skiskate? 

Just like skis, skiskates are best on groomed slopes and trails. Try to avoid extremely steep slopes and ungroomed terrain full of bumps. Skiskates are very small and light, so you can carry them anytime you head to the slope as your backup skis. But don't hesitate to take just the Skiskates to have the time of your life on the slope! 

Regular maintenance will help you to enjoy your ride even more. 

Should I use wax? 

Wax your Skiskates and tune the edges, to ensure the maximum experience, high speed, and sharp turns. 

We recommend waxing the base regularly to make Skiskates even faster and prevent snow from sticking to the base.

How to tune edges?

Use a special handy tuner or visit a local ski service. 

Keep your edges sharp for maximum control. Tuning Skiskates edges is the same as tuning any regular ski edges: use a special handy tuner or have the edges tuned in a ski service shop.

Extra tip: keep the metal edges dry after each use to prevent them from rusting. You can also wipe the edges using oil before storage.

Skiskating is a new winter sport conquering the slopes all around the world. Don' t miss the new big trend in winter sport and find for yourself how great the combination of skiing and skating is. 

 Let us know if you try Skiskates in the new season! 

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