Skiskates - Customers Reviews

Skiskates - Customers Reviews
Deciding whether to buy Skiskates or not? Our customers and ski enthusiasts tested them for you! Have a look at Skiskate reviews and see for yourself, if you should give them a chance.   

Skiskates The First Skis That Fit Into Your Backpack

Nothing says more about a product than the customers themselves. 

Michael: "We purchased 2 sets of skiskates. They are amazing! Very good quality! Easy to control and responsive. Pretty easy to learn. We were taking them off small jumps on the second run. Be ready for everybody wanting to talk to you about them while you're on the mountain. Great option when it hasn't snowed in a while. We love them!"

Bonnie O'Neill: "Brilliant!!! I love my Skiskates! Very easy to learn. I'm looking forward to seeing how they run on the slopes in Queenstown NZ x"

Hiking Trails & Sledding Hills Skiskates Take these mini skis on a hike and slide down narrow hiking trails and forest paths like never before. Have fun on your local sledding hill or in your backyard with your friends and kids.

Marissa Bethea: Love love love! Ski skates are the best. I tried skiing a few times with no luck ( I was a late bloomer to skiing). I did relieve when trying to ski I would get frustrated from not being able to pick up from my feet. When I ran across ski skates I thought they would work better for me since I have been an avid roller/ice skater since childhood. I took them out and had the most fun ever on the mountain. Best purchase ever. Can’t wait till next season to take hit the slopes.       

Do you want to save time? Have a look at U. S. skiskate reviews: 

Logan: "Novice friendly. I’m not an experienced skier, but am now living in a place that gets a lot of snow. I bought these in an attempt to find something fun to use in my new home. And after getting to finally try them out I can say they’re great fun! I have a feeling we will need to purchase another pair (at least) so that I don’t have to share mine!"     

Enrique Torres: "Super fun and good quality. Great invention and everyone is asking me where to buy them… Well done."

Skiskates are a combination of skis and skates, that brings the joy of skating to the snow.  You could also think of them as the world’s shortest skis.

Dillon McCloud: "Best thing since sliced bread Most fun I've had since I've opened a bag of wonder bread! But in all seriousness, these are so much fun. Easy to transport and easy to use."

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Bruce Wayne Yip: The Ski Skates are incredible. I'm able to teach my kids snowboarding way more effectively while being on the Ski Skates. Freeriding is also really awesome. I ordered the Ski version for my wife.

Soo Ahn: After 5 Separate Days of Riding Skiskates You will get every attentions, questions, and comments all day long. I would like to answer few of those comments made behind me that people thought I wouldn't hear them. They were, first you cannot stop at the high speed and second you cannot carve at the steeper slopes. Yes you can. You can stop like any other skis and you have no problem carving at all. I have not tried on black slopes yet but absolutely fine carving on any of the blue slopes. Lastly are you even allowed to wear them. One time at the top of the mountain a patrol stopped me and asked if these have edges. I showed him the edges of skiskates and he said that I am good to go.

On the other side, it is little slower. I tried following fast skiers or snowboarders. You just cannot catch up. Don't get me wrong, it is slower then those expert riders but fast enough to go down the slope with your buddies. I also tried them on various slope conditions. They are fine on icy or even slight powder. On a heavy powder, you will need little bit of speed or your feet get caught up and lose balance. But it is so maneuverable that you can immediately regain your balance back. You would need to distribute your bottom weight on your heels with knees bent and upper body forward and low to go through heavy snows and mogul conditions. Overall, it is very responsive like you are riding a rollerblades or ice skating. I highly recommend trying them if you are having a second thought. I had doubts my own too thinking I will just return them if they were not enjoyable.

Christopher Goodrich: Unlike anything else! I bought a cheap knockoff version of ski feet a couple years ago; after two runs I had three of the straps break on me, but I caught the itch. I just bought a pair of snow skates and took them out last weekend. Made it down the bunny hill without falling so I went up the lift. After 6 runs, I was hitting blue squares, getting lots of looks and comments, and having an absolute blast! I cannot wait to go back! I might not even bring my snowboard next time and just use my ski skates.


A lot has been already said, the choice is now yours. Will you join the happy Skiskaters? Let us know what do you think about your Skiskates!

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